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#130 Modern Times Beer (Tasting Room)

29 Oct

Its Sunday again and I was off the go explore. We headed out from Pacific Beach down into sports arena heading for Modern Times Brewing. Located behind Les Girls…..yes Les Girls (the classy strip joint), this place is on par with alot of the new tasting rooms and breweries popping up in San Diego. They are off the beaten path and take a little exploring to find. The outside looks like a traditional industrial building with no exterior flare and minimal signage. Because of this it was really hard to determine one, that its even open and two that it is a sweet little spot to grab a brew. As we enter, the sign on the front door reads “Party busses stricktly prohibited”. I kinda like where this is going.

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We walk inside and this place is 180 from what the outside looks like. The best way to explain this place is as if Urban Outfitters was into beer and opened a brewery this would be it. The vide is super eclectic, hipster and out kinda there. On the right there is a 4o foot tall mural of  Micheal Jackson and a chimp done entirely in post it notes and on the oppsite wall a 40 foot tall wall covered in comic book pages with a huge Modern Times logo displayed in the middle.  At first glance the bar itslef seems like any other but upon closer inspection you find out that it is acutally made from 1000′s of books stacked on top of each other. I have to admit this was pretty insane! Falling in line with the current trend of San Diego tasting rooms, Modern Times’s use of reclaimed woods, pallets and other industrial materials is overly apparent but done tastefully.





After walking around for a self tour we sat down to grab a beer and get this day started. Ordering off the painted black pallet menu I choose a couple tasters before deciding on Forutnate Islands (hoppy wheat). Great color and aroma, this beer is light, refreshing and a great balance of  Citra and Amarillo hops and wheat. At 4.8% and 46 IBU’s the citrus is not overwhelming and the flavor lingers well after to finish your first sip. The taster flights come placed in a used cigar box and presentation is awesome. One thing that really did catch my eye was their automated growler filling station. The bartender locked the growler into the enclosed chamber and through a series of knobs and valves she was able to purge the lines and fill up the growler with our ever touching the glass. I took a video of this but my camera was being weird. Trust me it was cool.






So in closing, Modern Times is relatively new brewery to the San Diego beer world. Having had great success from their hilarious Kick Starter video click here, Modern Times was able opened this amazing tasting room to the public shortly after opening the brewery. This brewery has said no to bottles and is strictly a cannery. When you are sitting at the bar or wandering around you will see huge stacks of cans on pallets in the back round waited to get distributed to the world. Its a cool this to check out while your sipping away on your beer. I am starting to see more and more of their white tap handles as I go out now which I assume is a proof that they have successfully put roots in this cities beer scene. I can not wait to go back and see what new recipes they have created for our consuming pleasure.

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Modern Times Beer
3725 Greenwood St.
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 546-9694


Union Kitchen and Tap ( Happy Hour Magazine) | TheBEERSgoneBAD #106

27 Jan

We are on location for this one. Thanks to happy hour magazine we were invited up to Encinitas to go hang out at Union Kitchen and Tap. This place was alot of fun, great vibe and amazing food. Check out our video as we walk through the joint and interview some of the people that make place such an awesome local hang out.

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Cafe Sevilla (Happy Hour Magazine) | TheBEERSgoneBAD #98

13 Jan

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We are on location for this one thanks to Happy Hour Magazine. We met up with Cafe Sevilla in Down Town San Diego to see that kind of Spanish treats we could find. We were blown away that on this random Wednesday the place was so packed we had to sit outside on their new patio. It was crazy! Cafe Sevilla is a lot of fun and we can’t wait to go back to see what other kinds of crazy drink creations they have hiding in there.

Cafe Sevilla

A local landmark, Cafe Sevilla has been located in the heart of San Diego’s vibrant Gaslamp Quarter for more than 20 years. Just steps from the  Convention Center, Petco Park and Horton Plaza, Cafe Sevilla is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike. As the original location that started it all, Cafe Sevilla is proud to offer the most authentic Spanish ambiance in our Tapas Bar, restaurant, and nightclub. Look for our Medival Knight greeting you outside, and join us for an evening to remember.

353 Fifth Ave, – San Diego, CA 92101


Sun-Thu 4pm-11pm
Fri & Sat 4pm-1am